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Before diving in, you should first save the conference call numbers and schedule them in your calendar. If you’re not plugging into these calls on a weekly basis, you are missing out on one of the most valuable resources in the Colburn Culture.  These conference calls allow you to hear from some of the company’s most successful agents and managers to help you significantly cut down on your learning curve.  Each meeting is specifically crafted to drive learning and fast success!

Agency Calendars: (Click the tab on the left and then subscribe with the + button on the bottom right)

Slack is our team communication platform!

Before you proceed, ensure you have the name of your Recruiter and direct upline Agency Owner handy!

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ZOOM is our Virtual Meeting platform that is used daily. will want to create an account to access our Agency meetings, phone teams, and client meetings.  While you will have free access to all our meetings, if you want to have full access to Zoom and the ability to set up your own meetings without any restriction, you will want to sign up for the paid version.  Let's get your account started.

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