Step 1: Landing Pages & Calendars

Do you have a landing page for your new business with Colburn Financial? If not, the first step is to apply below.
When it comes to cold market recruiting, it starts with getting a Colburn Financial landing page. You will have the ability to drive traffic to your site and to your team. You can see the current landing page design, click here:

Corporate Overview

All landing pages must be pre-approved and sponsored by your Agency Owner.  To start the approval and set-up process, complete the Landing Page Request Form below.

Landing Page Request Form (MUST BE COMPLETED)

You will also need to get your vCita account set up to integrate with your landing page.  If you are wishing to include this in your setup process make sure you sign up for the account using the recurring vCita monthly membership.  

Step 2: Explore Your Resource Options

Develop a plan and budget with your Agency Owner prior to applying. There are several resource outlets that are being used to help source the cold market candidates.  Make sure you work closely with your Agency Owner on the best strategy for you.

Step 3: Conduct A Successful Interview

Tips, Tricks, and Resources to help you get off to a quick and successful start towards building an agency that has huge impact.

The Phone Interview

Listen to the calls below on how to successfully interview cold market recruits. Make sure that you use the interview outlines for the best structure and outcome of the interview process.

The Cold Market Recruiting “System”

Watch the videos below on how to set expectations and disposition the call so they go into the proper communication sequences.

Manage Follow-Up

After your interview, it is vital that you follow-up with the interviewee. You will receive an email from vCita once the meeting is completed asking you what the next steps are. This system is built around branding and professional communication. For best results, you should communicate the next steps that were discussed in the interview in the follow-up email.