Launch Conference Agenda

What is expected of me during conference?

Launch 2019 Conference is a time we all come together as a Master Agency to learn, participate, and socialize with those individuals that can bring us to higher levels in our leadership and growth (personally and professionally.) Those in the Colburn Master Agency are expected to attend meetings (on time) and to uphold our agency core values as we interact with others. Just a reminder, these core values are: 1) No skunking. 2) Be the constant, not the variable. 3) Proud of failure. 4) Leave the jersey in a better place.


  1. No skunking: you may hear negative things about agents, carriers, mentors, and agencies, but we do not need to participate in talking that way. Our team is grateful and our positive attitude will reflect the core of our team.
  2. Be the constant, not the variable: Who we are as a team, every day, is who we need to be at conference. We are on time for meetings, we show gratefulness to speakers, agents, and mentors, we do our best to be open to learning and growing.
  3. Proud of failure: You will see a lot of people who are successful. Be proud of where you are because it is getting you to where you need to be. Keep learning and growing through this time.
  4. Leave the jersey in a better place: This applies to places you visit or stay at and people you talk to. It’s leaving a place or person better than you found them. *Remember you represent the culture of the agency.
What is the dress attire for the conference meetings and events?

Welcome Reception- Casual attire. Jeans/slacks, Nice shirt/dress (Anything except shorts.)
Exercise Meet-ups- Workout attire
Prichett Agency Meeting/Colburn Picture/General Session/Breakout Sessions- Business attire
Master Agency Awards- Casual attire (no shorts)
SFG Awards Dinner- Cocktail/formal attire/suits/tux and masks are strongly encouraged. 
Breakfast Meet-up (if able to join)- Casual attire

How early should I arrive to scheduled meetings?

Seats fill up fast in meetings and general sessions. Be there at least 30 minutes before the meeting or general session. Use Slack to communicate with the group. It will be loud and very packed. Get as close to the front as you can. 

Where is registration located?

All agents will need to stop and pick up their registration packet at the registration table. This table is located in the Pre-Function area. This is on the ballroom level, in front of the Chesapeake Conference Rooms. Be sure to have your SFG app open when you arrive at the registration table. 

What does 'by invitation only' mean?

The Founder’s Luncheon and Colburn Leadership Dinner are by invitation only. If you received an email from SFG or personal invite from the Colburns, you have been invited. 

What eating options are available for meals?

You can find restaurants in the local area, by going to this website:

There are some restaurants located on the lower level of the Gaylord.

What is the awards ceremony?

The SFG Awards Ceremony is a time we gather together to celebrate the success of those that have worked hard to reach certain achievements in this industry. It is very important that we are there to represent the Master Colburn Agency, leadership team, and your mentors. We are a family and families celebrate together. We will keep you informed in slack what area is reserved for the group we are in. There won’t be specific seats assigned so be sure to gather agents from our team and find a table quickly. Let’s do our best to make sure we are there for each other. This place gets packed, team up.

Do I have to join an exercise meet-up?

Nope. This is just another opportunity for our team to get together and workout/walk/run.

Be sure to keep in contact in Slack with the leader of the exercise meet-up you want to attend. See calendar for meet-up information.

Are you a cult?

It might appear that way sometimes because we are a big family. We love to have a great time making memories with our team. Take lots of pictures, invite people to your table, sit with someone who is new. Listen, learn, and laugh with our team. These are the times to take pride in our home agency and show others how great it is to be a big family.