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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it work?

Each Career Builder license can post the designated number of jobs that you have purchased.  These jobs allow applicants to apply to your job posting.  This is only one of the ways that you obtain possible candidates.  You are also able to pull resumes from Career Builder’s extensive database, based on the search criteria that make the most sense for you and your recruiting efforts.

How many career builder licenses and/or jobs can I get?

There is no limit to the number of licenses or jobs that you can get. Just remember that you are under a 12-month contract for the seats that you sign up for and this contract cannot be broken.  It is always better to start with 1 or 2 seats and move up from there.

How are candidates found?

Science. We have done, and continue to do, years of research and development on who the perfect Symmetry candidate would be. By systematically moving around the country, pulling only those resumes with keywords and phrases, we are able to best use the Career Builder resume pulling platform. Although you are able to suggest certain locations of interest, we actively use this same platform to search free job boards on your behalf.

Am I able to pick the cities that the resumes are pulled from?

Yes, but we suggest that you post your jobs not by state by across the US.  By doing this you can pull resumes from anywhere.

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